The creation of this universe was done by the combination of earth, water, light, air and sky together. The entire world is based on these five great entities. The human body was also created by the five great entities. The new planets on the sky represent these five great entities. In the Veda, the sun represents the soul and the moon represents the mind. Similarly, the qualities light, earth, sky, water and air are inherent in the Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn respectively.
The word, touch, form, taste, smell are the subjects of the five great entities. These subjects are acquired by the five knowledge senses of men. Every human senses longs for its subjective happiness. For subjective pleasures, the planet activates the senses associated to it. The mind is affected by the demand from the sense. Hence, a certain work is based upon our fondness towards it. For a work, the mind takes approval from the soul. For the work and issues approved by the soul, our mind operates senses and subjects accordingly.


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