Here in the video we can see a crowd of people and students with music of our national song. The images in the video seems like some kind of grand program is going on. Yes of course, the program is going on and the program is Welcome program. People are gathering there to welcome a girl from Sindhupalchok who has recently come to Kathmandu for the first time in her life from the rural village of Sindhupalchok. The girl is Ujeli. Ujeli is a girl from the rural area of ​​Sindhupalchok who have been deprived of almost all the facilities but she has dreamt higher in her life. Ujeli is staying with her parent at Sindhupalchok. But as her house had been collapsed at the devastating natural disaster that occurred in Nepal on 25th of April 2015 they have been staying their livelihood in a tent. Ujeli is a girl that got popularity in social sites within a short period of time because of the Super Hero of Nepal, Rajesh Hamal. After the aftershock of earthquake Rajesh Hamal visited Sindhupalchok to know about the condition at the mean time he met Ujeli a girl of Sindhupalchok. Hamal stayed with Ujeli in her home and collected all the information of Ujeli and her lifestyle going on. The video of the Sindhupalchok was also uploaded in the social sites which got more popularity which has a heart touching story of Ujeli in the video. After seeing the video and knowing the story as well as knowing the dream of a small village girl Ujeli an institutions and organization came ahead in order to help Ujeli to succeed her dream. As a result Genesis Academy of Kathmandu has taken the responsibility to give her school education and for this purpose Ujeli came to Kathmandu. Ujeli was welcomed warmly and grandly by the students and teachers of Genesis Academy with various programs.


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