The fabulous Staten Island foursome have now spent more than a hundred episodes making us laugh by battling to embarrass each other, and they’re not slowing down.
Starpulse caught up with America’s favorite ferret, James “Murr” Murray (pictured above bottom with fellow Jokers Brian “Q” Quinn, Joe Gatto and Sal Vulcano) to talk Season 5 and ask if he’s finally embraced his constant comparison to a small, furry animal.
Did he ever think the show would make it to Season 5? “We’re amazed we got to episode two,” Murr laughed. “I’m amazed none of us died at this point – that’s pretty good. It’s pretty unbelievable and very exciting.”One of the big additions to this season is that there is now literally nowhere the Jokers won’t go to make each other suffer. “This season will feature destination punishments. This is the first time ever we’re doing that,” he revealed. “So we’ll literally travel all ends of the globe just to punish someone.”
 That might be bad for Murr, who is historically the Joker with the least amount of thumbs-up in challenges. We asked him if he’s upped his game this season, or if any of the Jokers ever try to improve upon past mistakes. “We have no hindsight ability whatsoever,” he admitted.


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