Capricorn best, Kathmandu.
SLC mandatory English, Mathematics and Science Concerning 'C' the lowest category, the student technical subjects to study subtle is Technical Education and Vocational Training Council 9sitiibhiti 0 to curriculum development committee meeting on Monday in English, mathematics and science which the group must bring the provision of Yes. Grade C should bring 40 to 50 percent. "Together,

which is part of the topic is a place in the group," member secretary Hari lachianele sitiibhitika said, "but, if three stout C range should not be less than the rightmost subject to study average svasthya 'C' is designated to bring the provision. Similarly, English, math and science category of students who take the entrance examinations sitiibhitile only cause has been participating. According to this, Nepali, social, environment and population education, among others concerning 'D' category, Chandigarh even, mathematics and science 'C' category must. Health tapha certificate level nursing, general medicine 9ecae 0, medical lab technology, pharmacy, radiography, apthalmika Science, dentala, ayurveda, homeopathy and affiliated college education in the subject sitiibhitako aginka Symposium yasavarsadekhi SLC gradina system has already decided to make public. After-breaking study this class of students to gain the upper svatas has complained, saying desirable to read. Sitiibhitiko this decision than what the low-grade student who have been barred from studying the subject. Sitiibhitiko devote your organic and affiliated organizations to study these subjects 'C' grade is arranged to be brought. Crop Science, Animal Science, Diploma in Food and Dairy Technology, Diploma in pharestri, hotel myanamenta, civil njiniyaringa, surveys, computer, mechanical, electronics, electrical engineering, NEIC technology, architecture, engineering, atomekanikala, electrical and electronics, biomedical ikvipamenta engineering studies to English, mathematics and science concerning 'C' category will need to bring. But, overall topic of marks of all 'D' and 'E' that does not come. For example, English, mathematics, science 'C' category must contain. Other issues A, B, C, D, E J is hollow. Overall, the average D & E other than the subject matter of health to study the immigration Enan overall 'D' from 20 to 40 and 'E' range from 20 percent to bring a student to study technical courses would SLC 9tiesaelasi 0 Lamichane said. Other courses to students who want and weakened to a year to receive technical courses had been organized. Sitiibhitile giving short-term training in the past had been different concerning. Now the student SLC weak short-term target by a year to teach courses to produce skilled manpower by law Lamichhane said. "As soon as studies sakaune the country and abroad to receive training give immediate employment," he said, "After reading this course workers make something true." Carpenter, plumber, mechanical, indastriyala electrician, cook, among others has been the subject of such an outlay of CMS.


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