Magar film actress Neha Pun (Yoruna Pun) was killed on Magh 18 at evening time when she was returning from her work. Her killer was revealed today by police by organizing a press meet at Pokhara. She was killed by her so called brother Satish Khadgi. Satish Khadgi and Neha used to be close and used to hangout together. Satish proposed Neha during evening for physical relation. But Neha rejected his proposal and scolded her for such behavior. And in return Satish slammed her with his helmet and ran away. While hitting Neha with helmet, Neha was dead on the spot. Later police investigated on this case which lead to find the culprit is Satish Khadgi. Watch an exclusive video report of killer of Neha Pun right here on Canada Nepal.


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