Minister Bishnu Poudel, the visit of India's ruling UML and RPP-Nepal mistrust and resentment has increased, and. RPP-Nepal chairman Kamal Thapa and Foreign Minister's visit to India is leading the party to power by false propaganda saying that the Prime Minister KP olisamaksa after a serious objection to the two parties share power in mutual distrust and resentment are.

Prime Minister Paudel, UML preparation for the tour that New Delhi has been "spreading misinformation" are saying that Foreign Minister Thapa has expressed his dissatisfaction. He is to meet Prime Minister's visit to India has been promoting the wrong manner which expressed dissatisfaction with the information in question, he said that near the source.

He Prime Minister's visit to India at a time when the Ministry of Finance to prepare his visit in the wrong manner, and promote it even communist power-sharing between the two countries sambandhasamgai uncomfortable situation where serious objection saying something, according to the Foreign Ministry sources told high.
According to sources, Minister Poudel New Delhi before leaving the Tribhuvan International Airport in preparation for the visit of the Prime Minister mentioned that he was going to India, the Prime Minister's visit agenda of his visit, Foreign Minister Thapa told locals are more serious.

Nepal-India relations, economic and infrastructure reconstruction in the quake destroyed the activity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Bilateral discussions should you decide Minister's visit, saying that the government is doing promotional Thapa expressed alarm at the wrong party. Thapa Prime Minister of India, Prime Minister's Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs jointly prepared as saying the prime minister's visit to India towards making public fears are not the stakeholders have been.

"Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Tour suggestion for bilateral economic cooperation has become. But the state is leading the team and his ministers from the perception is against the spirit of the visit, "Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Advisor Mohan Shrestha," said the Prime Minister of India and Finance Minister of India, the proclamation of the visit was the noise from the Deputy Prime Minister is taken seriously as. '

The Prime Minister of India to prepare the visit of the Foreign Ministry said bhramanaprati not doubt even he continually made it clear. With the participation of the Finance Minister also visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Secretary Das bairagisametako gambhiryata clear, these officials said. "Otherwise the government could send as a representative of the concerned desk secretary 'pararasthraka another official said.

How to build the Indian aspects of the commitments reached in the bilateral economic cooperation plan badhaunedekhi before a joint mechanism to seek the Finance Minister would also visit the center in preparation for the visit of the Prime Minister called it surprising that "a government official said MoFA. The official said, according to the Finance Minister to visit India to Nepal soft loans, for the reconstruction after the earthquake and regular cooperation commitment Indian cooperation is focused on discussion about the meaning. Minister Poudel on Monday after meeting with his Indian counterpart Arun jetlisanga cooperation model will be the same set.

This visit was also the Prime Minister Oli's visit before they fall pervious year. He preached that the prime minister's visit in the course of the preparation of it is more sensitive for Foreign Affairs nikatasthale said he made.

Deputy Prime Minister Thapa's visit to China, the last time the law Kharel pathaedekhi fire had started to come to the surface of the sattasajhedara recruit confidence. Proceeding forward by the government as the work of preaching and saying earlier Thapa had to describe dissatisfaction. He went to China the previous day, the name of their team safely kanunamantri Kharel were taken to a query by the Deputy Prime Minister Thapa said, "I also recently heard from kharelajiko name. Do not know why, and how. "However, now that he had kharel Minister and now Prime Minister of China, there are no extra uncomfortable visit to avoid any doubts have been urging.

The prime minister has already visited India twice the government of foreign collaborator Poudel said that India sent. Political Advisor to the Prime Minister before his visit the Prime Minister Bishnu Rimal, which is also referred to send to prepare, "said Deputy Prime Minister conveyed India twice and development of economic cooperation as sharing his advice for discussions of the Finance Minister of India sent. '


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