February 14, 2016 - Here is the video of the murder case of an actress Neha Pun Magar and Osim Gurung, a student of Nursing Campus of Pokhara.

It has been five months of murder case of Osim Gurung, a student of Nursing Campus, Pokhara. Osim's parents are asking to punish the murderer of Osim. As Osim's parents are asking for punishment of the culprit, police are asking and pressuring her parents to take their name back. Is there political and economic aspiration in Neha Pun Magar's murder case as it is in Osim's murder case?

We can see in the video how Osim's grandfather cried at the press release begging for justice for Osim Gurung's murder case. It has been 5 months since Osim Gurung's murder case going on but yet they can not get any justice so, grandfather of Osim is begging for justice through press release program. According to the parents of Osim, who had done injustice should be punished.

It has been said that Osim Gurung, a student of Pokhara Nursing campus said to be done suicide but yet the relatives, parents of Osim have not accepted the dead body from the hospital. It is twice time that Rudra Prasad Gurung, grandfather of deceased girl had called press meeting in Pokhara. Last Posuh 25, Osim had gone to er boyfriend, Manoj Gurung's home to attend birthday party of her boyfriend's sister Monika Gurung at Kawasoti-3, Nawalparasi.

The girl who had gone at birthday party at her boyfriend's home was found hanged in the room of her boyfriend's house on Magh 2 and it has been informed to the Osim's parents. But as the family cased a file that it was not a suicide case but a murder case then even police force and political leaders forced them to take back the case. So now too, it has been thought that even Neha Pun Magar's murder too was linked with political and economical sector.


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