First supernatural thriller love story.” Slow at points, overwrought at others and frequently uneven, Wong’s The Secret is something of a missed opportunity for the subgenre. While never stooping to ridiculous spectral carnality a la Grey’s Anatomy (an image sadly burned into many minds) The Secret is a scattered film about the nature and power of love and our ability to eventually let go of loss. Popular singer-actor Leon Lai Ming’s (White Vengeance) name above the title should carry the film to moderate success in Asia-Pacific markets, however The Secret’s syrupy sentimentality and less-than-mysterious plot could keep overseas audiences at bay. It’s also simply too polished for the festival circuit, though genre events are not out of the question.

The film begins with Ling Kai-feng (Lai) moping around his million-dollar house, depressed and drinking too much expensive wine. The source of his misery, we soon find out, is the death of his beloved wife, Qiu-jie (Wang Luodan, Rise of the Legend), in a climbing accident in the Himalayas—during an avalanche triggered by the deadly earthquake in Nepal.


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