Lack of remuneration for employment from the employer in Saudi Arabia are 21 Nepalese Abused.
The company employed the Nepalese workers damamasthita alasatrayana kantrayaktina 8 months have not been paid. So far have not paid the employer since July last year.
They Kathmandu, skaive Management Limited, diecaara DeSteno humana rirsosa and Saudi are from New esabhi intaranesalanamarphat.
Abused saying that the victims are urged salvation. The problem has been the victim sit down to eat.
Construction work on the company failed to find work last time the market had failed to understand the workers wages.
The company's income from wages being given off, saying Ramechhap Shyam Khadka said.
The company said the lack of financial remuneration to observe sancalakale company, states, he said.
About three months ago the Nepalese Embassy in wages Sarbajit lodged a written information to the victim's complaint.
"Embassy repeatedly requested that relief has been provided by the forth-involvement in chaum Rukmsangat Khadka said. Finding work in the past four months of wages left the meeting said the victim.
Wages are asked to be sent home despite queuing company is not allowed to return home. Nepali workers are housebound due to neglect by the employer in the same room are compelled to sleep on the cold ground.
'Queue brother earn money to eat dealt with joy milaem-Itahari said Khatiwada.
Two months ago a labor court for justice, including halepani court hearing is not a chore.
Dang issuing the re-fashioned manpower but the loan of Rs one lakh 10 thousand paying the company 14 months are from Saudi.
"How to pay for the loans sahusamga -What tension, he said. RSS


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