longer be allowed to go to Malaysia for employment
KATHMANDU: The government of his country, the new foreign workers in Malaysia has declared off the job.
Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ahmad Zahid hamidile bangaladesasihata many workers in Nepal and all over the country to take new workers are declared closed on Friday.
Speaking at a program organized by the Kingdom of malesiyakai saravaka Deputy hamidile workers to take all the source countries from today decided to close the said Malaysian Insider online news information is given.
"We need to study and determining the number of workers to conclude sankhyabare nalagunjela we limdainau foreign workers", Minister will be said, 'Now where foreign workers by determining how many people would need only a new foreign worker in
Hamidile bangaladesabata 15 million workers to take the captivity of the law applicable to the case said. This is the process of sending the declaration of the Government of Malaysia bangaladesabata 15 million workers in Malaysia have been barred from the go.
According to the Malaysian government news agency barnamaka Nepali workers are discouraged to take the process only bangaladesabata 15 million workers in Malaysia, the government on Thursday to take sramamantrile agreement was signed on Thursda
Deputy hamidile announce it during the country needed number of foreign workers, foreign workers and workers take the process of handing over the decision has been taken to punarnavicara karabarema also have mentioned.
He Addressing the program, illegal workers in the country's legal to make a challenge due to the government's concern focused on the country.
He finished only legal workers in Malaysia Illegal workers are themselves also shows the possible government think again.
Re: Register to participate in the program will not be arrested for illegal workers across the country will be announced vyapakamatrama security operation also have to rise. Illegal workers arrested on their land, made it clear that will be sent to hamidile.
Deputy Prime Minister will be leaving this declaration, Malaysia bangaladesabata 15 million workers are the most affected. Nepal and Indonesia, Malaysia and preparing for employment of workers who are also affected.
Nepal, Malaysia, more than 5 million young people have gone for employment. Nepal as the environment and climate as the Gulf nation was much more than the number of Nepalis in Malaysia.


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