The valentine blast is a short movie that carries some awareness in it. Here the love pairs goes on dating likewise all the other those who goes on date. Then they reach to the peaceful place and have some time together and they thought valentine’s day is to share good moment not the physical relation. Then they decide to go to some café and have food. As they were walking the girl saw her father with another women hiding on a bush and having romance with the girl giving her gifts. That made her sh@ttered she respected her father and now she saw him like this. She asked her father why did he do that, why he che@ted her mother.

Father had no answer he bowed his head with the shame. The girl ran away crying her boyfriend followed her and tell her not to cry. He pursued her and they realized that this all is happening due to the western trends. Everyone nowadays are following western culture, they are forgetting their own cultures. Then they both thinks to follow their own culture rather following the western trends. They thought to celebrate their own culture not this western fashionable culture. This has destroyed many life’s. Following this culture people are getting towards wrong way and this movie gives a social message to aware such people’s.


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