South Korea on Monday, a new list of the workers selected has started. Nepali workers are beginning to ask rojagaratale EPS branches. Finally the table last October exam are going to receive the opportunity to go to work. The language of those who have been waiting a long time to time. Year to go to work every day is preparing to be sent to the main three stages.
In 2016, the first phase (First Lot) on Monday to send workers from labor contact side. On Monday, the agriculture sector to work mutually to know (contact side) to come. Tuesday, workers in the manufacturing sector will begin to send the employer mutually. Svikrtipatra employer has sent workers to Korea within a month the first hung.
According to the Korea Branch EPS assimilated into the first go around two thousand youths to work in Korea. The employer will be given orientation training roster chanekaharulai Bhanisepati a week.
Tuesday will start the training process is the EPS Korea branch information. Interactive training will be the first to go to work in agriculture. Then turn to the manufacturing sector will come.Employer of choice in Nepal and the EPS branch priorities Agreement, signed on paper.
This year, eight thousand four hundred people passed the language test 9 0 Total 25 hundred are agricultural and craft. All the rest of the manufacturing sector. Agriculture sector has come to know the demand is very low. It is also relatively difficult to work in agriculture.
In 2013, nearly a thousand people have passed the language test have not been. If the manufacturing sector workers is much higher than demand. This is more than the number of areas to work.
EPS Korea Branch Chief Dilli Bastola know how to work on Monday for the first time in 2016, has informed the Labour contact side. "Now for the 2016 recruitment process was started. Within a month, nearly two thousand young Korea will go, he said. On average, two thousand deployed in three stages to come, he said employers to adapt.

In 2016, for sending workers on Monday from Labor contact side. Three stages will go workers to Korea.
In 2016, eight thousand four hundred 9 0 people have passed the language test and send the majority of these initiatives will be ipiesale information is given. In the past, good work lately because the Korean employers are satisfied with the Nepalese worker. Outstanding Performance Award employer of Nepalese workers have been notable.
Nepali workers to Korea as soon as the monthly minimum income of Rs one lakh 13 thousand can. This year, eight per cent salary increase. Attractive unpaid as of the higher education, there are secular and are interested to know vyaparavyavasaya garekasameta. This year more than 50 thousand examinations are passed hajaramatra eight bulls. Last year, only 36 have had after only a hundred.
Korea under the Employment Permit System G to G 9duvai countries sending workers on the government level, the concept is 0. Korea is different from 15 countries including Nepal this system has to take foreign workers. Nepal has started to send workers to Korea in 2008 to trainees.
Recent 34 thousand Nepalis are working in Korea. Korea as an attractive income in the last year period after the contact side of the underground there is the tendency for an increase. Foreign workers living in more than four years, 10 months is automatically provision is illegal.
The number is about five per cent of the debt of unauthorized reach. Korea gairakanuniko number of more than five percent of workers take to stop as soon as the warning has been given.The government once again return to discourage illegal basnekrama has to send.
For this purpose, computer-based test should be. This examination will have to go to law because of repeated crimes, Korea. Unauthorized tendency for the government to discourage returnees skills training and self-employment to work in soft loans of Rs 10 lakh was planning to put forward.


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