Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power he 'Make in India' slogan had greatly cartita. According to his own slogan in India 'Make in India Week' running
But Modi said the fire broke out Sunday night in a dream. Modi grharajyasamgai the Maharashtra Maharashtra Rajni 'scheme being introduced in time to fire somewhere.
The program also shows Aamir Khan was the program. Other Bollywood Celebrities were also participating in the program. Celebrities including Amitabh bacnana also had fled the fire bamcera.
20 to 25 thousand people to participate in the program, actor Amitabh Bachchan, Hema malinile Ganesh Bandana said she had recited the poem.
Amitabh pujapachi started playing the dance ended up on stage, there was a fire.
He was waiting for the time Aamir makeup man suddenly came out of the fire went Guard said. Only 30 minutes later, the fire was under control

A day earlier, Prime Minister of India 'Make in India' event had started.

But this program is going to push begins. Prime Minister Modi had asked for information on the incident mukhyamantrisamga Maharashtra.


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