India supports Nepal's promulgated ConstitutionKATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli forging state visit to India in New Delhi on Saturday, the second day of Understanding signed between Nepal and India has been tasked. Prime Ministers of the two countries held a bilateral meeting bhetavartapachi of understanding had not been signed.

Understanding supporting the rebuilding of the earthquake in Nepal, Nepal adequate access points to use more two port covers. After the completion of a bilateral meeting at Hyderabad House, the Indian Foreign Ministry held a press conference was informed that the two countries have discernment. Indian Foreign Secretary S. Jayasankarale bilateral meeting and sahamatibare press information had, which the Indian foreign ministry said on its YouTube channels last live broadcast was. "Nepal and India in various areas important to national consensus has been, 'Foreign Secretary jayasankarale a press conference said," The meeting of bilateral trade, investment, integrated security check post, fast track, the airport project, connectivity, upper Karnali, Arun III project, the privileges of a serious discussion about the project, it was. " Understanding is the first lesson covers quake reconstruction. A few months ago the donor conference held in Kathmandu, Nepal's reconstruction India 1 billion US dollars (about 1 trillion 8 billion) was made ​​commitment. It was concluded that that provide help with that as a given Saturday last. Samajhadaripatraanusara for Reconstruction Nepal, India 25 million US dollars (about 27 billion) will provide grant assistance. The remaining 75 million US dollars (about 81 billion) will provide a loan facility for reconstruction. Punarnirmanasambandhi of Understanding (PoP) on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa of Nepal and India on behalf of the Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj had signed. India will provide grant assistance to housing, health, education and cultural heritage will be spent to rebuild. According to quake-affected 14 districts of 10 million US dollars for the construction of 50 thousand houses, health, education and property 5/5 million US dollars for reconstruction of the beast. Understanding for the construction of the second point is kept Terai Roads.


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