KATHMANDU, Feb. 9. Nepal's tourism and trade promotion, trade relations with Nepal and Bangladesh has been


Natural beauty, good climate bhu-dharataliyasvarupa and tourism capital of Nepal in South Asia need to utilize fully its worst, saying stakeholders speaker pointed khamcosameta strategy.

Nepal-bangaladesabicako expansion of trade relations with the Bangladesh Embassy in Nepal and the Asian Institute of Diplomacy End International Affairs jointly organized the two-day seminar on Annapurna Hotel ongoing impasse so are the speaker to speak.

Nepal Tourism Board and Chief Executive Officer Deepak Joshi, Nepal, South Asia, said tourism could become the capital.

Still many prominent tourist destination of Nepal is an excellent destination in place of generosity, he could have referred to the natural beauty, climate and tourism attractions in the world, Nepal because Nepali atithyataka said.

Joshi, Nepal, more than 70 countries as tourists, the main basis of tourism for economic prosperity and tour packages Nepal and Bangladesh as by the United badhaunasake expressed confidence that the two countries would grow significantly as tourists.

The program operating in Bangladesh Tourism Association Chairman Professor Dr. Ahmad akabaruddina Stating that Nepal has long been a deep concern in collaboration with the SAARC member wants to do as told.

He havaimarga and railway connected all the cities in Bangladesh and comfortable hotel for business travel is adequate, explaining that some part of the country's tourism market has been able to achieve economic prosperity would be.

Tourism entrepreneurs Ambika Shrestha of Nepal's tourism industry as natural resources by mining due to them.

Ragini Upadhyaya kulapati Nepal Academy of fine art trade and tourism all Bangladeshi and Nepali lokta based forging stresses good position in the market linasaknesameta Bangladesh said twine.

On Friday, Deputy Prime Minister inaugurated the symposium chaired by Kamal Thapa Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Prasad Pokharel had done


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