The country's eastern border point on Wednesday 'sahajonmukha' is made. Today, 11 pm to 2 hundred Battar have entered the truck and container.

Indian blockade of a mess this checkpoint on Wednesday, becoming easy. According to the customs office on Tuesday once Battar Mechi 407 trucks and containers have entered Nepal.

Today early morning re: Battar vehicle traffic has increased. Customs chief Bhim Adhikari, 11 o'clock, and nearly 200 vehicles are bhitrisakeka. Phlole car parking problem has been excessive. Mechi Bridge to the old one and half kilometers bhansarasammako area is disturbed due to the truck and Container.

"India has become a problem once the car stopped," official said, "Now that the impression that has been Naka has become easier."

Customs is to park the car in Mechi 11 pyaribhittasthita New Bus management and readiness to be managed by the Customs Service also said arrangements.


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