Nepali Teen Pranksters presents the first prank here. This is a very comedy and entertaining video. This video was taken during the new year in the Basantapur which is also known as freak street. This is the centre of attraction of many people.

 This place is one of the best tourist area and the many teenagers hangout in this place. So here the prank is taken place. This is one of the best place for the prank as well because here each day there is many crowd. Here some of the boys are trying to do prank with those groups of girls. He asked some girls for the dance party, he asked whether they were single or not because he is alone to go to the party and those inn*ocent girls who were unknown they were been fooled gave their answers very politely and later they knew they were fooled that is the most awkward thing ever to them. They were caught in the camera. Similarly he made the girls scared as doing the act of talking in the phone and he was talking as if he is a cr!m^!nal and k!l^ling is easy for him. Similarly he blocked many of their ways, he gets himself in between those girls they find it emb*racing first but after they knew that they were making a prank video that was like surprise to them.


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