Kathamadaaim. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa led the team to visit China since he is busy with the Government of Nepal. About a month-long Christmas vacation effort winter solstice, Minister Thapa achievement of the visit carried pharkelan? Kathmandu, Nepal and China, the relationship between intensive debate has started now.
what does china want from nepal
Some Nepalese company and the welfare of the Chinese adhikarivica Friday bilateral discussion and understanding about efforts are being formalized.

China wants from Nepal? Chinese politics still matters vyakhyataharule Nepal 'intresta "have not been able to identify. Minister Thapa visited the Chinese interest may be limited concerning divine.

Nepal 4 'intresta'

Nepal China mainly predestined to fulfill their four sthartha is expected. Nepal is the first self - connectivity. The second free trade agreement and trade diversification. Third-infrastructure development. And, cautho the promotion of tourism.

China, Nepal's first expected or self-breathed connectivity North nakamarphata. For the expansion of our business in South Asia as well as the Arab nations as they wanted to reconnect with the road course it would not be productive for China, arguing that the Nepali way. A few months ago, China has become the province of Baluchistan to Pakistan embassy has jodinebare important agreement, namely India revealing pout is coming.

Nepal's territory en route to China through railway and road wants to reconnect with India that want? Or went to China, India India how it takes if you want to reconnect? These questions of China and Nepal 'connectivity' to determine the will.

Eastern Nepal's northern border checkpoints hilsasammaka kimathanakadekhi through Tatopani and Kerung expansion, Nepal Nepal Hilly road between the two countries really can become dynamic again. However, the need for both countries to observe and provide an update on its work to Nepal.
New Trade Points along Nepal-China Border
China's Nepal nakaharusamma Upasana all commercial cahejasari can not expect to immediately take the initiative. For China, according to their national needs work, not Nepal. However, demand for which is that the north of Nepal intresta or kholiun all outposts and checkpoints also jodiun India.

Nepal's northern border checkpoints open for their selfish Nepal government security challenge China would be able to convince them. For this purpose, the customs checkpoint in northern outpost ciniyamharusamga proposal can collaborate.

Nepal's northern border checkpoints while expanding connectivity that it has become easier to trade with India, Nepal, China assured that suits you bhanematrai "Who really worthwhile kanektibhitiko Nepali requirement.

However, China, Nepal and India, some intellectuals and policy makers' saikolojika barrier 'are, that China and Nepal' kanektibhitilai look different perspective has been jeopardized. This 'barrier' nabhatkaesamma court finds the two countries can come effortlessly accessible.

China, Nepal King Mahendra making Kodari Highway past days that the Indians were afraid of communism comes. Mahendra said that communism motor boat comes to at.

Today, road and rail links between China and nepalavica when the mahendrakalina mentality has dekhanie mattress. India, Nepal and China, in this respect, especially to be found unnecessary fears.

Nepal's northern border checkpoints are open, it is also beneficial to India and China also benefit. And naturally also benefit Nepal. These checkpoints mountainous terrain of the country's two largest lowland extension of trade with India jodimda added convenience. If Birgunj, Janakpur route expansion to Tatopani Kerung or relying on faulty only state not to use one's position.

Nepal's northern border checkpoints are open, it is also beneficial to India and China also benefit. And naturally also benefit Nepal

However, this connectivity is necessary to convince both India and China, Nepal. Foreign Minister Kamal Thapa during his visit to China that it must be given priority.

China, Nepal, the second is expected to occur, trade. Nepal has no agreement with China, a trade and transit. Signing such an agreement has been betrayed no trace of China. Nepal is not dependent on any one desasamgamatrai aupacarikarupamai trade and transit agreement with China is now necessary.

The government of Nepal transit treaty with China in order to draft the newly prepared and submitted to the government of China. Though Thapa's visit, when the completion of the sandhile paihalla not say. However, that is beginning, it is important to reach out positively officials of the two countries.

Nepal and China trade relations, it is important to understand that when we said China is an important trading partner of India. In terms of trade and economic partnership, which in China is very low compared to India, Nepal priority country.

We have come to Nepal in Nepal, the reign of China's interest in business less but more security. People walked by Tibetan refugees in Nepal through forged regimes and anti-China activities in Nepal's land concerns that China is not the perpetrator.

We nepaliharucamhi China to expand trade and altruism, we wanted to reduce individual dependency. Business perspectives are different priorities of the two countries, China and Nepal.

Nepal business diversification and it would be China's cooperation is expected to Nepal. For business and imagery can be the basis for treaties and betrayed. Such hostilities is necessary for the broad national debate.

However, China must also focus on business expansion into Indian psychology, and Nepal. On the one hand it wants India that Nepal napharkiyos north. And, on the other hand, China also wants it that your relationship with India in Nepal nabigirayos due. Nepal, China to expand trade and diversification of the psychology vicabata is pay attention to.

Nepal and Tibet and Nepal and China trade relations are very old and that it underpins a neighbor of Nepal Nepal friendship interfere Oct. need to be reminded. For nations not say traders, who gaze out their interests and profits only. Nepal is a nation, who does his neighbor that determine its importance and gives both neighbor friendship that we need to convince our neighbor.
As far as China is bringing petrol fuel, among others. Business sight it would be possible to adapt more self-confidence seemed to chairanan pararastra Minister Kamal Thapa. India, China most expensive is because of the fall of oil brought into the state of Nepali officials has argued. In this situation, Kamal Thapa oil tanker with a team that is more than ever likely to get another bhramamatrai.

The third interest is the development of infrastructure. Nepal's hydropower, railway and road expansion and other areas to bring in Chinese desire Nepal. China has become the world's emerging economies try to take advantage of a neighbor's right too.

However, more Chinese investment and cooperation in Nepal is coming, we have not been able to make it Chinese are satisfied. Whether the events or projects in melamcibatakha being removed from his foot work,.

We were able to attract Chinese investment and cooperation under any circumstances. Kathmandu has a similar problem Tankpur expansion. In this situation, the economic development in Nepal Nepal's own is an obligation for China to attract.

In Nepal, political stability and unity, thereby analyzing if the first condition is that the second condition is that the Chinese investment protection. The Chinese believed that a third of China's arrival tarsinechaina India need to deliver. The Chinese came to believe that Nepal is an anti-greased need to assure India. Otherwise Bhutan as "China is willing, India, and colleagues' status in Nepal could come.

Kamal Thapa's visit to China The Chinese focus on the development of the economic infrastructure Lullaby how convincingly, it will be subject to long-term importance. The Chinese lyaunubhanda immediate relief package for Nepal to convince the important achievement thahararine. The aircraft developed by China bullet trenadeikha, electric buses, physical facilities in Nepal Nepal's interest to attract not only need too.

And, China is the fourth self-development of tourism. Nepal is located in a place that India and China and other countries Pashupathi tourists in Lumbini, only if it can contribute greatly to the economic development can. Lumbini and Kathmandu svayambhunatha important destination of Chinese tourists.

China to increase the number of tourists and is considered the birthplace of Nepal to build prosperous, Lumbini Airport to upgrade and Kerung Chinese trains coming to Nepal Lumbini, aiming to think the EC.

China should clear its concern for its now of Nepal. By doing so, a decrease in China's security nadinebare assure him. Deputy Prime Minister Kamal Thapa nepalavica tourism development in China and the possibility of team work is necessary to return.

Sheep Mountain beyond language and lifestyle is an important cultural base is connecting citizens to Nepal and Lumbini are Gautama Buddha. Could the future of relations between Nepal and China it nepalavica found new sikhaharu. However, in the past, but a reality based on Prachanda's days lasted APEC hallajasto need to move ahead.

'Psychological Barrier'

There are some psychological obstacles that Nepal China relations, which is necessary to break. Which has already been discussed earlier.

Whenever India suffers, then the name of Nepalese leaders take China. However, when China and India go ascend to power forget that. Now when the leaders of China, India, honor sanctions are taking this very name.

Nepal China relations when three-country, these psychological barriers as phobias and social development must be based in fact take up a Breaking ground

But, Hannah, inasmuch as well as China's gullet lap ruin not granted. We first must understand is that the Nepalese Chinese foreign policy is not determined in accordance with Nepal's wishes and desires, according to earnestly desire and wish is determined. China has a clear policy that friendship with India is not he, only wants to improve. At such times, we can abuse or incite India, China has been slow to draw down Psychology.

Indians have some psychological confusion and some interests. They were not headed towards Nepal, aphutirai proffer prefer to see. This thinking and a little reality of their hidden ahilakati thalupana. Nepal football team than China more daily dealing geographic obligation or social, cultural scaled too. So India is not to frighten, faith is the way forward position. Nepal himself understood it, China has been samjhaidinu, which is our final irony.

So when the three-country phobia Nepal China relations as of these psychological barriers and take up the need to dismantle and social development should be based on the ground reality.

Kamal Thapa oil or a gift from China to Nepal to bring or bring them than to say these four 'intresta about' How can shew, it may speed up the ekkaisaum century Nepal relations in China. Otherwise, India and China to become a dynamic bridge will be limited to Nepali leaders gaphamai dream.

China's interest is?

Nepal is in China's interest? So far there has been no objective analysis of this investigation. Nepal 'silent diplomyasiko proponents have not been able to understand China.

What the parties in Nepal to support the fall of monarchy that China has delayed the valley that has to be analyzed.

However, one feature is that China has always recognized the establishment. When BS 017 Panchayat support to China's king. India rebels troubles. China's new law on the multiparty system after 046 troubles. India Maoists to him. 063 to change, and in particular support to a new constitution after the China's constitution. India Movement troubles.

As a neighbor country's internal affairs, China will never be this or that demand that can not be seen.

The Chinese interest in Nepal and interests?


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